Saturday, July 28, 2012

Enat Ethiopian, Northgate

Never having been to an Ethiopian restaurant, we were very very, very impressed!  Kinda felt like walking into a little cafe with football (real football) playing on the tv and what I can only assume was Ethiopian music playing in the background, which out two year old really enjoyed.  We over looked the menu, mostly not knowing much, but the server graciously pointed us to an entree that had a little bit of everything.

So off she went to make our dinner, and we were left to soak up the ambiance.... and really there wasn't much, so don't expect it when coming, but don't let the look of the place drive you out the door!  But when she came back with our HUGE plate full of pancake with little morsels of food on top, we were delighted!  The smell was incredible.  We each got our own pancake to use, because there are no utensils!!  Well worth it, and we'd certainly go again!

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Enat Ethiopian Restaurant

(206) 362-4901


11546 15th Ave NE 

SeattleWA 98125

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